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Hi! I'm Bella Princessa, but I'm really the Queen Bee here. I know royalty shouldn't "kiss and tell", but I love giving wet kisses!
I have a Smooth Black and Tan Coat. 

Ruff Ruff! They call me Lady Mila, but they really know me as "Two Socks". If there is a pair of dirty socks nearby, I will find them!
I have a Smooth Black and Tan Coat.

Our Loving Mamas

Well Hello! My name is Madam KoKo. I just might be an high -class, Pearl - wearing canine, but my long ears always keep me "down to earth".
I have a  Smooth Shaded Red Coat.

Hi there! I'm known as Miss Gingi. Call me Petite, call me Sassy, but always call me the Best Doxi!
I have a Smooth Shaded Red Coat.


 Hello! My name is Senorita Zoya,
I am a fire-colored, long hair lady who is loving and sweet. Put me in a fun crowd and I am a firecracker, full of energy and spark. 
I have a Long Red Coat.

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